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It has already been a while since I got the idea of upgrading my 10 liter Dennerle Nano cube to a bigger and more sophisticated tank that was better suited for shrimps and easier to maintain. It has also been quite a while since I started to draft the ideas for it and implemented it. It has even been a while since I started the tank.

Ever since I started searching for more information though, I found there was too little of it available for the specific tank I was about to build. Therefore I have carefully noted my findings during the selection of parts, suppliers and DIY actions in order to share them with other interested folks around the globe.

As you probably understand by now, I finally got myself to publishing my findings on this blog. It will be filled with a step-by-step description of how I chose, built and selected my nano shrimp-tank as well as my experiences along the way of keeping it in shape. It will be on a chronological basis, although it will not be timed correctly due to my late start.

I hope the information provided is useful for you. I sincerely believe that the more information becomes available, the easier it will become for shrimp- and nano-aquarium enthusiasts to practice their hobbies. Therefore I hope that if you have question or a comment, you feel free to post it to me personally or directly on the related blog.

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