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Superfish Aqualed 28 Review

One of the things that caught my attention soon after starting up the tank, was the lighting, so here comes a review!

I purchased the SuperFish Aqualed 28 in my setup, because LED lighting is starting to become good value for money. That is, you don't pay the world for energy efficient lighting anymore. I was actually surprised by the low price of the SuperFish Aqualed 28, when I found them at Veldhuis. Since I could hardly find decent review of this article on the internet, I hope to spread a helpful one for potential buyers. Here is a quick summary of my experiences. 

The good:

  • It is extremely energy-efficient: only 3 watts of power consumption!
  • It is decently built
  • It has is flexible boom for the light to hang over the tank
  • It has a built-in dimmer (!) that allows for continuous ('analogue') dimming

The bad:

  • It has a separate power transformer. The connection of which is slightly loose, so may fall out accidentally
  • The flexible boom didn't quite make it for my tank
  • Even when set to the brightest setting, doesn't light a 35liter tank well enough

To confirm the last bullet point, I have attached some images. Take special notice of the third picture, as it shows the lighting without direct exposure of the camera to the LEDs. Although I am still quite fond of the idea of LED lighting, the bad shape of my plants makes me conclude nothing else than that I needed to buy a new piece of lighting. A quick response at Veldhuis tells me that it should be enough for a 35 liter tank. I dare to argue that the fun ends at a 20liter aquarium. Even then you will only enjoy the light if the tank is high, not wide like a typical aquarium. 

So in short: the SuperFish Aqualed 28 is the perfect light for economically and environmentally conscious aquarium enthusiasts that want to use it for a nano tank up to 20 liters. Anything above asks for more serious lighting. 

Next up: a review of the newly purchased Aquatic Nature Solar Duo Boy!

Daytime action of the Aqualed 28

Nighttime action of the Aqualed 28

Daytime action shot from above


  1. I guess it funds up to an aquarium of about 28l, seen the title of the product. Looking at other product-titles from producer Superfish they're all called by maximum 'lighting' capacity. Second i think your glass top plate doesn't help an efficient lighting situation, seen the glass plate also bends the light back up... Just in general: What i find hard to find online are the specs about the used light-spectrums, like blue and red, where as with T5 and T8 bulbs it's often a clear story. Looking 'plain' at it, so not through the water, does this LED look red of blue to you?

    1. Hi! I replaced the LED by now, with a aquatic nature solar boy. The LED definately looked blueish. I currently have a 33% 'red' lamp in the solar boy. That makes the shrimp look a lot less pale!