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Bad case of Algae

After getting back from a holiday I found my tank in a bad state :(

In a way that is no wonder, I had not cleaned or maintained it for 10 days. But still I was a bit disappointed in the amount of algae that covered the filter and mostly the valisneria (that are usually growing really well). The valisneria are particularly weak and 'slimey' at the tips. Some cary a whole load of algue (see the picture below). The algae have also spread across the other plants and seem to have a similar effect. Only the anubias seems to tolerate the algae a bit better. It also seems to be a combination of different sorts of algae.

I am a couple of weeks further down the road now. I have done regular water changes, have done regular cleaning of both windows and where possible plants and I have started to add a daily dosis of easycarbo. (10-20 drops per day on the 32 liter tank)

The big problem:  The algue are still here!!!

Who can help me solve this problem???

Please provide your suggestions below!! Your help is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
Whole load of algae on tip of baby valisneria

Algae on tips of Echinodorus
Algae on tip of (larger) valisneria leaf

Combination of algae on Anubias nana

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