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Review Aquatic Nature Cocoon

While I'm currently battling a plague of algae, I suddenly realised I still need review the Aquatic Nature Cocoon nano tank. This particular review covers the Aquatic Nature Cocoon nr. 6, although I expect the other numbers of the cocoon series to be similarly equipped. 

The 'showcase' please note light & filter!
Please note that I found a way to order the 'tank only' of the Aquatic Nature Cocoon 6. Due to a bod choice I ended up with the (almost) full set articles that the set usually consist of. 

The specs of the full set:
  • Tank: 40x26x30 cm (31,2 litres)
  • Biological Hang On Filter 'Flow 200'. (I don't have this article)
  • Solar Duo Boy 26 watt; reviewed on this blog here
  • Glass plate for on top
  • Plastic edge pieces to fit the glass plate
  • Rubber matt to put the tank onto
The Tank:
The tank looks very solid and has nice rounded edges at the front. The back has regular 'sharp' 90 degree angles. The back glass is transparent out of the box. There is no foil that can be put on the back. A bit of a downside, although it at least give you options as an owner. I purchased it separately to create a black backside.
The empty tank, but with foil on the back
The Filter:
This is the piece that I don't own, so I hereby summarise some Dutch reviews on other sites.
A part on one of my favourite forums ( states that the filter is slightly noisy and has a relatively small biological filtering capacity. Other google results also note the noisyness...seems like a downside to me, but luckily I have my HMF which is silent and has plenty of capacity.

The Light:
Enough has been said here: it is brilliant!

The Glass Top:
This is where the pain starts with this tank! I had the setup in mind that Aquatic Nature advertises, with the light on the shortside. The glass top has a few downsides:
- It has no rounded edges. This means it does not slide up all the way to the front but sticks in the rounded edges in a strange way
- It is less deep than the tank, meaning there will be a 4-5cm wide gap at the back of the tank. This can be used for the filter normally, but it's too bad it goes across the whole width of the tank.
- It is just as wide as the tank (or slightly smaller). This means there is no space to accommodate the light on the short side, as demonstrated by Aquatic Nature. 

This was no viable solution for me at all! It is not aesthetically pleasing and it is impractical as shrimp can escape easily. 

I went to a local glass supplier and had a similar plate crafted for me. The expensive, but pretty solution. I had initially cut a plate of plexiglass that exactly fitted my setup. The plexiglass becomes week and bends though with humidity and warmth. The plexiglass was a nice pattern for the craftsmen.

The plastic edges:
Come in two cornered pieces and four straight pieces. Plenty of material to keep the plate steady. The material used is good, but the plastic could have been slightly more clear.

The rubber mat:
Does what it should do; no more no less. Is is coloured black, so fits most of the soil types. 

All in all I am happy with the tank. It provides a good alternative to the typical nano tanks made by Dennerle and comes with good materials such as the Solar Duo Boy. The one big downside that Aquatic Nature should really work on is the glass plate on top, which doesn't fit at all. They should also be honest and show the tank in the way it can actually be setup. Mine is currently setup as showcased, but that needed glass cutting by a few craftsmen.

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